Grace Martial Arts

Glorifying God through teaching the Life-Changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to youth and their families, Grace Martial Arts offers youth and family programs that foster growth in Biblical competence, spiritual formation and ministry leadership skills, with special emphasis on Biblical authority, authentic Christian living and world evangelism .

Africa Inland Missions Intl

From the nomadic tribesman wandering Kenya’s arid plains, to urban street children surviving in a sordid city slum, to a young Muslim woman living behind a veil of darkness in a community utterly closed to the light of the gospel—Africa Inland Mission, at its heart, seeks to help the Church take root among the peoples of Africa, transforming lives and communities, and becoming a force for change on the continent.

Welcome to Grace

Welcome to Grace is a teaching ministry dedicated to rightly dividing the Word of Truth. The Body of Christ includes all who have believed the message the apostle Paul called the Gospel of Christ regardless of walk in life or denominational background. Religious messages are found everywhere: on radio, television, and the Internet, and yet never has there been more confusion concerning God’s Word and the believer’s mission. Sadly, many believers and unbelievers alike are lost in a desert of half-truths and misunderstandings of basic Bible truths.

Welcome to Grace is a collection of powerful teachings that represent the life’s work of its founder, Pastor Curt Crist. These teachings are life changing. We invite you to bookmark this site and come back often for a deep and enriching study in God’s Word. Pastor Curt conducts seminars in church buildings, homes, libraries, meeting rooms, or restaurants – any space that is available – and would love to visit your area. In order to schedule a meeting or a seminar, please contact the ministry at: 877-770-7098.

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